Holistic Recovery is Our Philosophy

“Holistic” is another word for “organic”, and that’s exactly the approach Passages Malibu takes for its fully-customizable rehab treatment programs. No chemicals are ever used during any stage of your recovery, only all-natural supplements packed with essential vitamins and other top-tier nutrients that you’ll need to detoxify and grow stronger. These supplements are self-administered to help you regain your sense of independence and to demonstrate a new lifestyle of regulated moderation.

This non-toxic approach also applies to the way you’ll be treated, as well. All staff, from nurses to therapists, will afford you dignity, privacy and professionalism. They will treat you will respect at all times because, unlike other California rehab centers, we do not believe that an addiction is a disease. You are not “sick” at Passages Malibu: you are a dynamic individual, and your addiction is only a small facet of your overall character that is temporary and, more importantly, can be changed.

Above all else, Passages Malibu is modeled on recovery through relaxation. Our holistic therapeutic modalities are designed to get you destressed and ready to reflect on your life in a positive and meaningful manner again. Aroma therapy, art therapy, massage therapy, yoga, gym training, and other organic exercises will emotionally, spiritually and physically prepare you for recovery.

Addiction Comes From Four Causes

We have helped thousands of clients recover at Passages Malibu, and each and every one of them has had a unique and worthwhile story behind their addiction. Although the specific circumstances of each story is different, our experts have always been able to classify an addiction into four main categories of causation. No matter how many different addictions you may have to drugs and alcohol, all of them stem from one or more of these four basic causes: