Where is Passages Malibu?

You’ll find the Passages Malibu luxury rehab center in Malibu, California, roughly 30 minutes west of downtown Los Angeles, and 18 miles southwest of suburban Calabasas. This cheerful beach town is sunny all year long and is a major shopping, surfing, and all-around vacation destination for both beautiful tourists and A-list celebrities alike. The subtropical environment and laid-back, health-conscious population provides the perfect backdrop for a long-lasting recovery from a drug and alcohol addiction.

What is Malibu, California Famous For?

Malibu, CA is certainly known best for its world-class beaches. Paradise Cove offers terrific sunbathing and snorkeling, Lagoon Beach is a popular filming location, and Zuma Beach is one of the most popular surfing destinations in the entire state of California. There’s also lesser known areas such as Leo Carillo Beach, a beautiful 2-mile preserve at the foot of the Santa Monica Mountains that is perfect for quiet contemplations, and plenty of other similar gems.

Malibu also has some of the best hiking locations in Southern California (or “SoCal”, as the locals say). When you are recovering at Passages Malibu, you are 6 miles northwest of Trancas Canyon and its vibrant valleys. Solstice Canyon, roughly 3 miles in the other direction, is equally scenic and beautiful. You’re just never far away from nature in Malibu!

Of course, a lot of Malibu’s visitors would rather be carrying shopping bags rather than surfboards, and the posh area has many shopping districts to accommodate them. The Malibu Lumber Yard has Burgerfi, James Perse and Maxfield designer brands to keep even the choosiest fashion aficionado satisfied, and the Malibu Country Mart offers fine art mixed with more shopping and a breathtaking mountain view.

If you are a foodie, you’ll be delighted to learn of the many delicious and nutritious delicacies to be found in Malibu. The Malibu Farms Café, for example, offers out-of-this-world organic goods and fantastic dolphin spotting opportunities. You simply owe it to yourself to try the world-famous Nobu restaurant for fine dining that redefines gourmet with each and every meal. Consider it one of the many rewards of sobriety!

Architectural and historic buffs will be delighted by the many historic landmarks and museums. The Getty Villa displays rare exhibits from the Stone Age to the Roman Empire, the Malibu Lagoon Museum offers nostalgic surfing exhibits, and the Adamson House is a Spanish Colonial architectural marvel.

Health and Opportunity Awaits You in Malibu, California

If you have any interest in beaches, fine dining, architecture, history, and – most importantly – recovery, then Malibu, CA is the perfect place to explore all of these opportunities and more. You’ll be able to keep yourself immersed in luxury and well-entertained as you make the transition from dependency to sobriety. We all know that you can do it, so please give our Admissions Department a call at any time – day or night – to learn exactly how!