What is Passages Malibu?

Passages Malibu is a revolutionary luxury treatment facility headed by CEO and cofounder Pax Prentiss. In 2001, Pax and his father Chris founded Passages Malibu as a way to provide the public with a positive and influential means of taking control over their drug and alcohol addictions. This award-winning breakthrough facility couples holistic (all-natural) modalities with the latest technological innovations to resolve chemical dependencies in a way that lets clients retain their dignity and privacy throughout the entire process.

The truth is, Pax used to be addicted to heroin, alcohol and cocaine for ten long years. He found himself trapped in a disheartening pattern of drug use to mask his problems and avoid unpleasant emotions in favor of escapism and instant gratification. He deeply isolated himself from his family and peers, forced to manipulate everyone around him in order to continue his relentless cravings. Finally, alone and scared, Pax told his father Chris about his problems . . . and that’s when things became better.

However, the father and son duo still had many hardships to face before the situation could truly start to improve. Chris enrolled his son into numerous treatment centers and each time Pax faithfully followed their instructions to a tee, for at this point he wanted to be rid of his addictions as much as his father did. No matter how hard he tried, the relapses were constant and discouraging. The situation grew desperate and the two knew they had to try something else, fast, for the betterment of both their lives.

Chris and Pax worked closely together to formulate their own program, one that did not force Pax to proclaim that he was weak and helpless, but rather confident and in charge. By refusing to approach Pax’s addiction as a disease – as conventional treatments had forced him to do – the two were able to empower Pax and let him resolve deep-seeded issues that were preventing his spiritual and emotional growth. With these underlying causes fully resolved, Pax was able to eliminate his desire to abuse substances, and he studiously went to work mending other areas of his life that had been badly neglected.

Over a decade later, Pax is still completely free from chemical substances. He leads a relaxing and tranquil lifestyle raising a family and helping others achieve inner peace. He and his father Chris continue to use Passages Malibu and its subsequent facilities to improve the lives of thousands of clients. They have helped over fifteen-thousand clients find hope and health, with many more to come.

Are You Ready to Recover Like Pax?

Passages Malibu allows you to take control of your addiction in a way that enhances your humanity by better understanding what matters the most in life. If you are seeking sobriety and direction, a personal team of recovery experts wants to help you achieve a successful outcome. Please give our Admissions Department a call to speak with a caring coordinator who understands what you are going through and can provide clarity and help.