Passages Malibu: Luxury Treatment Unlike Other California Rehab Clinics

Healthcare Global calls us the No. 1 rehab in the world, Forbes magazine recently heralded us as one of the “Most Luxurious Places to Dry Out”, and we are among the privileged 6% of all drug rehab facilities in the United States to be Joint Commission Accredited. Our customized treatment programs combine a variety of colorful and relaxing sceneries with compassionate and professional addiction specialists to generate sustainable, long-lasting results.

Unlike other California rehab clinics, Passages Malibu is where recovery can be found on a posh 10-acre beachside campus equipped with spa facilities, gyms, pools, and one of five luxury estates to choose from, each with a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. Valuable life lessons and healthy physical routines will become a part of your daily lifestyle as a team of dedicated addiction specialists, ranging from counselors to acupuncturists, work with you to shed negative habits and undesirable thought patterns. Not only will you be physically cleansed of chemicals, but you will also be mentally prepared to plan your next move in life . . . and successfully follow through.

At Passages Malibu, we go to great lengths to make your difficult journey towards sobriety as pleasurable and rewarding as possible. Your team of addiction specialists will get to know you on a personal level and stay with you every step of the way for more than 65 hours a week. Gourmet meals are made fresh daily and can be further catered to your specific desires. Your treatment plan is fully customized to pertain to your individual needs, and Continuing Care Coordinators will make sure you receive adequate aftercare in your local area.

When you are ready for an all-natural way to get off of drugs and alcohol, Passages Malibu is here to help. Please call us today and speak with our Admissions Department to learn more.

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The Co-Founders of Passages Malibu, Chris and Pax Prentiss

Passages Malibu was made possible through the difficulties of CEO Pax Prentiss, a young man who battled with a relentless addiction to drugs and alcohol for over ten years before receiving the help he needed from his loving father Chris. Together, the two would go on to establish Passages Malibu, a premiere holistic rehab center which closely follows the same guiding principles that led Pax to sobriety. Thousands of clients have been rid of their addiction by using the Passages model, with thousands more sure to come.

Pax has gone on to raise a family on his own and he could not be more thankful for overcoming his addiction. Likewise, Chris is both relieved and proud to see his son bravely travel down the path of recovery every day. Though the future is much brighter for them now, neither will ever forget the horror and uncertainty that addiction once brought upon them, and their greatest hope to provide you and your loved ones relief from such a familiar pain. If you or someone you love is suffering from drugs and alcohol, please know that they don’t have to continue alone. Call Passages Malibu today and get the help you deserve.